Our Mission

We are the Southeast Michigan Bowhunters Chapter of Safari Club International (SCI). We are a 100% volunteer, non-profit organization dedicated to protecting the future of our proud outdoor heritage. Unlike the habitat and species oriented organizations that shy away from hot topics, we live in the hot zone. We assign our members to lobby political issues at local, state and federal levels. We have committees and designated Committee Chairmen for political action, political involvement and legislative actions. Our Chapter interfaces with and supports politicians that have the same beliefs about preserving the future and quality of our outdoor rights.

We are also involved in many other projects and programs that are less stressful than the political world, but no less important to the future of the great outdoors. We have committees that are devoted to youth education, wildlife conservation and research, physically challenged hunters, humanitarian programs, and many other activities that bring about positive public relations for all sportsmen.

Preserving our outdoor rights is our number one objective. Running a close second is our dedication to ensuring a bright future for hunting, fishing and the outdoors by reaching out to young people, especially non-hunting youths. The more young people that grow up accepting hunting and fishing as a part of participating in the outdoors, the fewer battles we will have to face in the future. This is why we have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars and devoted uncountable volunteer man-hours hosting workshops, kid’s camps, providing educational videos and literature to students, and trained dozens of school teachers through SCI’s American Wilderness Leadership School.

Since the birth of our Chapter 28 years ago, we have participated in the funding and fight for hunting rights in Michigan, Maine, Idaho, Utah, Alaska, Minnesota, Washington, Colorado, Montana, Wyoming, Oregon, Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan, just to name the larger projects. The Project & Contribution List of our Chapter’s investments are almost up to $2,000,000 to preserve our hunting, fishing and outdoor rights over the years. We can promise you that we will continue to devote all of our man-hours and budget to preserving our outdoor heritage.

The Southeast Michigan Bowhunters Chapter of SCI is a high profile Safari Club International Chapter with local roots here in Michigan. Over the past twenty eight years, our Chapter has received more awards from SCI that any other chapter worldwide, including the Outstanding Chapter Award four times, and the SCI Top Gun Chapter Award. Our Chapter hoist the largest single-night Chapter Fundraiser in all of SCI, with over 1100 attendees here in Michigan. We also offer articles coverage the Chapter’s events and news in our Tri-monthly Newsletter BROADHEADlines. Though a bowhunters chapter, 97% of our members are gun-hunters and 94% are fishermen. If you are truly interested in the future of hunting, fishing, and the longevity of the great outdoors, please review the information and join today. We’re looking forward to you joining as a member to preserve our wildlife, hunting and outdoor rights.