By Rich DeLisle

I first met 9 year old Jordynn Bibb and her Dad at Toledo Beach Marina where our chapter sponsors our annual wish fishing trip for youngsters dealing with physical ailments are taken on a walleye charter put on by long time donor, over 20 years, Captain Myron Gilbert (M&M Charters 517-592-3376).

Jordynn was in a wheel chair due to her having spina bifida, she was dressed all in camo. I told her she looked like she was ready to go hunting. She said she and her dad watch a lot of hunting shows and someday she would really like to go deer hunting. I told her I would see what I could do about that.

I contacted Robert Sergi Manager of Legends ranch about his upcoming youth hunt to see if he could add Jordynn. Every year SCI Southeast Michigan Bowhunters Chapter makes a donation to Legends Ranch (2022 W. 14 Mile Rd.,Bitely, Mi. 49309 – for their youth or purple heart hunt. Robert said yes he had an opening and he was looking forward to meeting Jordynn and the rest of the Bibb family. The youth hunt usually runs from Tuesday thru Friday, the whole family gets to visit the breeding pens where they get to see all the newborn fawns and even feed them peanuts.They go fishing and play games.

The families were treated to the latest Addition to Legends A Magnificent museum that was just opened, it has 28,000 square feet with over 2,000 mounted animals from all over the world. Even a pair of white lions, white elk, and white deer it has to be the best in Michigan if not North America.

It truly was a hunters dream come true. When I arrived on Thursday morning,I asked Jordynn if she gotten her deer yet. She said that she missed it by 2 inches. Knowing that the miss resulted from the recoil of the 308 her father had the guides take Jordynn down the range with a 17 cal. rifle and had her shoot until she could repeatedly hit the bullseye. On that nights hunt the ranch loaned Jordynn a 243 which she used to shoot a beautiful buck with one shot. I happened to be out in a blind with one of the guides about 400 yards from Jordynn and her guide were when the shot rang out. We waited about 1/2 hour and radioed them to see how she did, they said come on over. When we arrived there was Jordynn with a ear to ear smile with a beautiful buck.

The Friday morning ceremony with all 4 of the youth hunters and their beautiful bucks always brings tears to my eyes. Robert Sergi and his staff once again show that they are the best that there is at showing the love and caring for these young hunters as they will have memories forever about the Legends of Legends Ranch. Thank you to our Chapter for allowing me to represent SCI Southeast Michigan Bowhunters Chapter at the youth, Purple Heart Hunts at Legends it is truly an Honor.

P.S. If you are ever looking for a hunt with the greatest people I know look up Legend Ranch —