Jordynn Bibb A Legend To Remember

            I first met 9 year old Jordynn Bibb and her Dad at Toledo Beach Marina where our chapter sponsors our annual wish fishing trip for youngsters dealing with physical ailments are taken on a walleye charter put on by long time donor, over 20 years, Captain Myron Gilbert (M&M Charters 517-592-3376).

Jordynn was in a wheel chair due to her having spina bifida, she was dressed all in camo. I told her she looked like she was ready to go hunting.  She said she and her dad watch a lot of hunting shows and someday she would really like to go deer hunting.  I told her I would see what I could do about that.

I contacted Robert Sergi Manager of Legends ranch about his upcoming youth hunt to see if he could add Jordynn.  Every year SCI Southeast Michigan Bowhunters Chapter makes a donation to Legends Ranch (2022 W. 14 Mile Rd.,Bitely, Mi.  49309 – for their youth or purple heart hunt. Robert said yes he had an opening and he was looking forward to meeting Jordynn and the rest of the Bibb family.  The youth hunt usually runs from Tuesday thru Friday, the whole family gets to visit the breeding pens where they get to see all the newborn fawns and even feed them peanuts.They go fishing and play games.

Rich SCI Youth Hunt 2018-4 (002)The families were treated to the latest Addition to Legends A Magnificent  museum that was just opened, it has 28,000 square feet with over 2,000 mounted animals from all over the world.  Even a pair of white lions, white elk, and white deer it has to be the best in Michigan if not North America.

It truly was a hunters dream come true. When I arrived on Thursday morning,I asked Jordynn if she gotten her deer yet. She said that she missed it by 2 inches.  Knowing that the miss resulted from the recoil of the 308 her father had the guides take Jordynn down the range with a 17 cal. rifle and had her shoot until she could repeatedly hit the bullseye. On that nights hunt the ranch loaned Jordynn a 243 which she used to shoot a beautiful buck with one shot.  I happened to be out in a blind with one of the guides about 400 yards from Jordynn and her guide were when the shot rang out.  We waited about 1/2 hour and radioed them to see how she did, they said come on over. When we arrived there was Jordynn with a ear to ear smile with a beautiful buck.Rich SCI Youth hunt 2018-2 legends Ranch

The Friday morning ceremony with all 4 of the youth hunters and their beautiful bucks always brings tears to my eyes. Robert Sergi and his staff once again show that they are the best that there is at showing the love and caring for these young hunters as they will have memories forever about the Legends of Legends Ranch. Thank you to our Chapter for allowing me to represent SCI Southeast Michigan Bowhunters Chapter at the youth, Purple Heart Hunts at Legends it is truly an Honor.


P.S. If you are ever looking for a hunt with the greatest people I know look up Legend Ranch —



The First Step

kids fishing derby 2014 037

For many years our chapter has supported the annual Detroit Area Kids Fishing Derby.  The event is run by Gary Williams – President of Hook Line and Sinker, Inc.  Gary has run this Derby for 22 years for boys and girls age 7-14.  Everything has been furnished for them, fishing poles, bait, pop, hot dogs, cookies, chips and many prizes.  Lake Frances in Palmer Park is stocked with 3,500 hybrid bluegills to guarantee success.

I have been going to this event for many years.  Joining me this year was our new Vice President of Southeast Bow Rob DeLaurier.  Rob was amazed at how may kids attended.  We have had as many as 700 kids in one day.  As has been the case for all these years the kids were having a great time and many shouts of glee could be heard as they caught fish, some for the first time.  Clowns were making balloon hats and ballon swords.  Mounted Police were there.

Everyone always has a great time, and this has been going on for such a long time that youngsters from 22 years ago are now bringing their own kids.  It has become a great tradition.  Rob said he kids fishing derby 2014 032can’t wait till next year to come again as youngsters take their first step into the great outdoors. Many thanks to Gary Williams and his band of volunteers for all their hard work.

God Bless,

Rich DeLisle






Wish Fishing Trip For Three

IMG_1082On June 19 of this year I took Lucy Taylor 7,( who is dealing with Spina Bifida), along with Dyllan Keener age 13, (who is dealing with Autism), and a 9 year old Jordan Bibb (who is also dealing with Spina Bifida) along with their Fathers on a walleye fish trip, hosted by Captain Myron Gilbert of M & M Charters (517-592-3376).  Myron has been donating fishing charters to the Safari Wish Program for many years.

When I greeted everyone at Toledo Beach Marina I noticed that Jordan was wearing camo.  I asked her if she is ready to go hunting  she said she would love to shoot a deer someday.  Check out the story about youth hunt at Legends Ranch.

IMG_1079Usually it takes about 4-5 hours to get a limit of walleyes.  This was the first time I ever seen them limit out in just 2 hours.  Myron loves to take kids on wish fishing trips and it sure shows.  No one had ever been on a walleye charter before and they couldn’t thank Myron and Southeast Bow enough. IMG_1077

Myron cleaned and fileted the fish and the families will have a great story to tell  for sometime.

Rich DeLisle








Hartland School Archery Team Part II

By Ralph Cagle

Hartland coaches: Head Coach Robert Jellison and Assistant coaches: Darin Loruss and Shelby Simonds
Hartland coaches: Head Coach Robert Jellison and Assistant coaches: Darin Loruss and Shelby Simonds

Our chapter BOD representatives, Rich DeLisle, James Wandrie and Ralph Cagle went out to the Hartland Schools National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP) practice session on May 30, 2018.  We were able to watch and chat with the senior archery team while they practiced their archery skills.  Head coach Robert Jellison and assistant coaches Darin Loruss and Shelby Simonds run a fun and efficient archery practice after school.  The results can be seen by the number of wins that Hartland brings home every year and they do win and/or finish high in the NASP standings every year!  Almost everyone of these youngsters came to us and thanked us for sponsoring their team.  They were warm, smiling and happy kids who were enjoying shooting archery and supporting each other.  As a parent and grandparent these are the kind of traits I wanted my kids and their kids to learn.

Senior Hartland Archery team with BOD members (old guys in front) James Wandrie, Ralph Cagle and Rich DeLisle our chapter has sponsored them for the last few years and they are National NASP champs!
Senior Hartland Archery team with BOD members (old guys in front) James Wandrie, Ralph Cagle and Rich DeLisle our chapter has sponsored them for the last few years and they are National NASP champs!

NASP is an activity that doesn’t discriminate based on popularity, athletic skill, gender, size, or academic ability. It’s a different kind of team sport. It’s open to any student. Its biggest supporters are professional educators. Teams come together around one thing: archery. The National Archery in the Schools Program is an in-school program aimed at improving educational performance among students in grades 4th – 12th. And through it students are learning focus, self-control, discipline, patience, and the life lessons required to be successful in the classroom and in life.

Archery Equipment used in NASP® is highly standardized to be safe, durable, economical, and most importantly, universal fit for almost every student. In NASP® learning the “process” of shooting is stressed far more than arrow scores. The only bow used in NASP® is a “Genesis®” compound which has no let-off and is adjustable from 10-20 pounds in draw weight at any draw length.

The Hartland NASP Champions practice hard for their place on the team as you can see by their concentration while on the shooting line!
The Hartland NASP Champions practice hard for their place on the team as you can see by their concentration while on the shooting line!

With the focus on archery skills and life lessons of discipline, focus and patience it is no wonder that youngsters are going to archery classes offered in our school systems all across the country.  The lessons passed on to these kids by coaches like Rob, Darin and Shelby will be with them their entire life and can not help but make them better people and citizens!  Our chapter is proud and happy to sponsor the NASP at the Hartland Schools they are a perfect example of what SCI and our chapter is all about.  If you or your organization want to support the NASP go to their website and see how you can get the NASP in your school system.







Don Van De Steene Legends Buck Sept 2017

     At last year’s fundraiser I was the high bidder for the hunt at the Legend’s Ranch.  I had heard a lot about the Legend’s Ranch and wanted to experience it for myself, so the next week I called them to set up the dates for my hunt.  I can’t say enough about the staff at Legend’s Ranch.  They were great from my first call to the time I left the hunt.

Many people have a negative impression of high fence hunts.  I think they are a lot of fun. Do I look at these trophies with same pride as a free-range hunt?  No, but it’s still a great time, just a different kind of hunt.  Do I still get a rush hunting there?  You bet I do.  You see a lot bucks and getting a good clean shot at a buck in your size class is not always easy, especially with a bow.

The first night was a tough hunt weather wise, so we hunted from a tent. It was raining off and on and windy; not much was moving.  Then right at last light a nice buck came out of the woods 85 yards away.  I took a closer look at him with my binoculars. I liked what I saw.  I asked my guild what he thought. He said it was right in my 160” size class.  I decided if he gives me a great shot, I’ll take it. It took a while, but he finally came broadside at 30 yards. I started to draw when a 190” class buck walked in from behind the blind and stopped right in front of the buck I was trying to shoot.  He moved, but then a doe was in my way.  I was losing light fast.  I finally got my shot and came to a full draw. My guild then whispered, “You are going to hit the tent; stand up a little.”  That is not a comfortable position in which to shoot!  I took aim, let the arrow go and made a great shot.

The buck took off the way he came.  We saw him go down just inside the woods.  He then got right back up and took off. With the rain and knowing I hit him well we went after him right away. We found where he went down and picked up a good blood trail from there. I was amazed he went as far as he did. My buck ended up scoring 157.

At most camps once you shoot your animal they expect you to leave, Not at the Legend’s!   The ranch director Robert Sergi was fantastic.  He insisted we stay for a wine tasting party the next night. Then on Wednesday morning he gave us a tour of his breeding facility. The staff at the Legends were very attentive asking, “Do you need anything?  Can I get you something?”  If you want a fantastic hunt, a great place to bring your wife along, you should consider the Legend’s Ranch. The food, the people you meet from all over the country, and the staff are great.  Plan on being the high bidder at our next fundraiser in March.  You won’t be sorry!  You can contact the Legends Ranch at; 231-745-8000 or

Don Van De Steene



Legends Ranch Youth and Purple Heart Hunt 2017


Ralph Cagle

Guide Greg with the Owczarak family Mark, Michelle and proud son Luke 2017.
Guide Greg with the Owczarak family Mark, Michelle and proud son Luke 2017.

Our SCI S.E. Michigan Bowhunters Chapter was very happy to again support the Youth and Purple Heart hunt at the Legends Ranch located near Bitely MI this year!  The Youth Hunt takes place in early August and the Purple Heart hunt follows two weeks later.  The August hunt dates allow the kids and the vets to harvest their bucks while they are still in velvet which means they are special and unusual trophies.

The Youth and Purple Heart Hunts sponsored by our chapter and several other conservation clubs allowed five special needs youth hunters and purple heart veterans to take a trophy buck of a life time.  Rich Delisle and I were invited to attend and enjoy the whole-hearted Legends Ranch hospitably provided by Robert Sergi Jr. and his gracious staff.

The kids besides the hunt also, enjoyed a fishing outing at the Lost Guide Lake and a stay at the beautiful Legends Ranch with their sponsors and family. Everything at the Legends is first class and to top things off the Legends Ranch also donates a hunt to our Chapter fundraiser every year and it is one of our most sought-after donations!

The Purple Heart hunt is special too, as it provides a gift of hunting to five veterns who earned a Purple Heart while defending our great nation!  We can never forget the brave soldiers who stand between us and those who would harm our citizens.  They may take a knee for their hunt pictures, but they stand proudly for our flag and country.  God bless the true heroes of our nation who gave the ultimate in defense of friends and loved ones.

Our personal thanks to Robert Sergi Jr., his family and his staff for all they do to promote hunting, conservation, our youth and our purple heart veterans.  They are a very warm and caring collection of people who deserve our support and respect.  The Youth Hunt choice was Luke Wwczarak who had a smile that will warm your heart!  The Purple Heart chapter choice was William (Will) Francis from St. Clair Shores Michigan.

You may contact the Legends Ranch at or call 231-745-8000.


Hartland Michigan NASP World Champions


Coach Rob Jellison

AASP World ChampionshipHello SCI S.E. Michigan Bowhunters Chapter, Well your funds helped bring home TWO WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS in the National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP)!!

Our Middle School Team is the 2017 World Champions in 3D IBO (International Bowhunting Organization) and the High School Team is the 2017 World Champions in the Bullseye event!

Both teams shot a new World Record high score!  MS shot 1700 out of 1800 in 3D!  And the HS shot a 3482 out of 3600!!  This is a 290 average out of 300 for ALL 12 kids used for the team score!

Thank you, SCI S.E. Michigan Bowhunters Chapter for your continued support.  We know you have many organizations you could support and hope you feel your dollars were used wisely to help get kids involved (AND succeed) in the sport of archery (and hopefully future hunters).

I will be in touch once we start our practices so, your board and members can come to see us in action.

Thanks again!!!


 Giving A Day To Remember


Every year our chapter picks youngsters who are dealing with physical challenges on a daily basis to go on a walleye fishing charter with one of our chapters long time donor(0ver20 years) and great friend If you want a great fishing trip Myron Gilbert of M&M Charters 517-592-3376.

This years youngsters were Michael Brown age 18, son of Brenda and Joe Brown from Jackson, Michigan, Michael has autism.

Second youngster was Luke Owczarzak age 14, Luke has cystic fibrosis his parents are Mark and Michelle from Troy, Michigan.

Neither of these families had ever been on a fishing charter so it was quite a thrill for all of them.  I met the families at Toledo Beach Marina and gave them S.C.I. Chapter hats and packed them food and drinks to take out fishing.  Myron is one of the greatest guys I know for making people feel comfortable.  They were gone about 5 hours had a boat load of great tasting fish.  Made it back before a big storm front.  They all raved about the great time they had.  Myron got all the fish cleaned and fileted and bagged, just as the storm was approaching.

Thank you Myron and thank you to our chapter members who support this day so that these families for 1 day can forget the challenges they deal with on a daily basis.

Written by: Rich DeLisle




Tails-A-Waggin’ Acres Annual Hunt

006Our chapter once again supported the annual pheasant hunt at Tails-A-Waggin Acres in Marion, Michigan.  Chuck Connell and his wife Joan have hosted this event for 12 years.  It grew from a 1 day event to a 4 day event as more people are eager to go pheasant hunting.  The hunt is totally free to disabled veterans, law enforcement and 1st responders.  The hunters are provided with 5  pheasants lunch buffet, guides and dogs, bird cleaning and plenty of good fellowship.  Michigan Outdoors Mobility and Camp Liberty donate the use of special all terrain wheelchairs.

It is such an honor to help fellow hunters to get in the outdoors and be able to hunt pheasants and join other hunters as they make great new friends and memories, as we help support are right to hunt for everyone.

Written by: Rich DeLisle




Boar Hunt for Alex 

By Ralph Cagle

Boar down Ralph Alex Colin 1-7-17 - Copy (2)The January temps were low and the wind was high as Alex Hawkins (my grandson age 14) was settling his crosshairs behind the shoulder of the large boar at Bob Easterbrook’s Sr.’s Heritage Trophy Hunts in Lupton Michigan.  Bob Sr. donates to our fundraiser every year and had invited us up for a boar hunt a month earlier. By us, I mean my grandsons Colin (age 18) Alex and myself.  I hunt a lot with Bob Easterbrook Jr and we have been the best of friends for years. Bob Jr. brought up his family and a long-time friend Helen for her first time ever hunt.  It was going to be an exciting weekend for everyone!

I had bought Alex a Ruger lever action .44 Mag carbine a few years before and this was his first chance to bring home some wild game for the family.  His older brother Colin had taken his first deer on the youth hunt the previous season and he came along to see what boar hunting was all about.  We arrived Friday evening and planned to start early the next morning.

We arose at first light, had a hearty breakfast and headed out to the range to check the firearms to make sure they were still sighted in and to give the hunters a confidence boost.  The temperature was in the teens and the winds were gusting 10-20 mph.  It was cold.  All of the firearms hit their targets. So, off we went, walking the snow packed trails looking for the pigs.  Alex was with Bob Jr., when they spotted a nice boar. They were able to shorten the distance between them to about 25 yards.   Then Alex took aim and pushed his safety forward.  The Ruger roared, the boar squealed and ran about 10 yards, Alex had made a perfect broadside shot right behind the shoulder and we were all smiles!  We loaded the boar behind the ATV and took it to the weighing and field dressing area.  The boar weighed 200# and Alex could not have been happier and his Papa was beaming with pride.  We dropped the boar off at a local processor to be picked up the next weekend.

Since it was late, Bob Sr. asked us to spend the night, we relished a great meal while the boys shot the air archery targets and enjoyed Bob Sr.’s “Memory Room” where all of his African trophies were displayed.  Life does not get any better, family, good friends and a successful hunt! After we left Sunday morning, Bob Jr. and Colleen guided Helen to her first ever successful boar hunt.  Congratulations Helen, nice job!

For a great boar hunt, here in Michigan contact; Harvey Haney, 3763 Sage Lake Rd, Lupton, MI 48365 or call 248.585.1415